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Astrid Eberhardt Emond
Astrid likes to use this space to share her passion for photography and travel. See her travel gallery for some of her journeys. She enjoys living in appreciation of various cultures, environments, and foods. Astrid also is a bit of an adventurous spirit who enjoys hiking; she hiked the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim in a day and has been seen in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. This means, Astrid likes taking photographs of people in a natural environment - outdoors, doing what they love.


Chris Ream
Chris is the people-photographer of the team. He enjoys shooting families, children, couples. He can be seen photographing people throughout the DC metro area, outdoors, at their homes, at parties. He is a bit of a perfectionist and wants you to have a great experience and wonderful images to share. You can see the excitement in his eyes when he gets that image he knows you will love. Your happiness is the passion that keeps him coming back to photographing people.


Please contact the friends to talk about your photography needs.